The Difference is Clear!

Orion Clear Orthodontic Aligners



Crowded teeth can be very troublesome and aesthetically not pleasing. Traditionally the only way to correct them is to have traditional braces which must be worn between one or more years to get the teeth straightened.

Traditional braces are the most effective way to align teeth as it is a technology that has been around for more than one hundred years. However, braces are difficult to maintain. Plaque easily accumulates around teeth and it is impossible to floss them. Prolonged poor oral hygiene means you may get decalcified spots on your teeth or worse, dental decay and gum disease.

With the advent of digital technology it is now possible to make 3D printed models. Sequential movement of teeth can be modelled and made into aligners which compliment them.

⇢ Clear aligners are virtually invisible
⇢ Can be removed for eating
⇢ Easy to clean

What are Orion aligners?

Orion Aligners. How are they made?

Orion Aligners are nicer looking than bracers

Orion Aligner Workflow

Who are aligners for?

Aligners are best for light and moderately crowded teeth. Your doctor will determine wether you are suitable for aligners.

Perfecting your smile

Orion/OS are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

How do they work?


The patient will first need to see the dentist and get a treatment plan and recommendations by the dentist.


Upon acceptance of the treatment plan, the dentist will take the necessary scans or impressions.


The computer will then take over and aligners are produced via 3D printers.


The patient will be given these aligners and are worn for one or two weeks and are replaced sequentially by another aligner after that.